Books about ZZ Top

There have been several books published with collections of guitar/piano/lyric info for ZZ Top's songs. Additionally, there have been a volume of record reviews published in Rolling Stone magazine, many of which are available off the Little ol' Web Page from Texas.

Also check out the following books.

NEW! "Billy F Gibbons: Rock + Roll Gearhead" by Billy F Gibbons with Tom Vickers, photography by David Perry. Motorbooks International, 192 pages, October 15 2005, ISBN 0760322694.

"Sharp Dressed Men: ZZ Top Behind the Scenes from Blues to Boogie to Beards" by David Blayney. Hyperion, 239 pages, 1994, ISBN 0786880058.

"Everything you want to know about...ZZ Top" by Robert Draper. Ballantine Books, soft cover, 146 pages, First edition 1985, ISBN 0-345-32230-4. (The book's dedication reads: "In memory of Martin, the Master of Sparks.")

"ZZ Top Elimination - The 'ZZ Top' Story" by David Thomas. Omnibus Press, soft cover, 96 pages, 1985, ISBN 0-7119-0718-8, Order No. OP 43447

"ZZ Top" by Philip Kamin. Robus Books, soft cover, like a tour program, 16 pages, 1986, ISBN 0-88188-419-7. (Has a picture of the boyzz in Las Vegas. I would guess by the length of Dusty's beard that the picture was taken between Degullo/El Loco. Why is the picture so special, it's the latest picture I've seen with Frank sportin' a beard. Also has a picture of Dusty & Billy with Roger Daultry. Who? ha:-) This book also comes with a poster in the center.)

"ZZ Top Bad and Worldwide" by Deborah Frost. Macmillan Publishing Company, 120 pages, 1985, ISBN 0-02-002950-0. (Great inside cover photo of the boyzz wearing those really thin black shades and berets.)

"Tres Hombres: The Story of ZZ Top" by David Sinclair. 95 pages. Virgin Books, 1986, ISBN-0-86369-167-6.

"ZZ Top" by Jurgen Seibold. V.I.P. PaperBack Music, 80 pages, 1994, ISBN 3-552-05142-2. Paul Zsolnay Verlag GmbH, Wien. Printed in Germany. (Book is written in German with tons and tons of pictures, mainly from Recycler tour. Really nice. Was advertised as a promotional book for the Antenna release. -Jim McAnulty) (80 pages with more than 60(!) pics from the early days up to Antenna. -Markus Krekel)

"Recycling the Blues" by Scott Nance. Pioneer Books, 1991, 95 pages, ISBN 1-55698-297-6. (Thanks to Jim McAnulty.)

"ZZ Top" by Mitchell Craven. Proteus Pub Co., July 1985. ASIN 0862762898. (Looking for further information. Thanks to Kent Olsson.)

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