* * *  (3 stars)
RCA, 1999

The latest offering from this "little ol' band from
Texas" zigzags from badass boogie to power
balladry to saucy dance antics and back without
once breaking character. XXX unfolds with lean and
mean potency: "Poke Chop Sandwich" is a combo
of bristling riffs and juicy rhythm delivered with a
nudge and a wink. Despite its title,
"Dreadmonboogaloo" has nothing to do with reggae,
but it shimmies with all the gusto of an electronic
club tune, albeit in organic ZZ Top style. Of the four
live tracks included, the standout is a raunchy
re-combobulation of Elvis Presley's classic "(Let Me
Be Your) Teddy Bear," in which the trio turbocharges
the coy pop-a-billy tune with the libidinous force of
"Steamroller Blues." Coming nearly thirty years after
Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard released
their first album, XXX is proof that these rootsy
Texans are still one of America's foremost
blues-rock outfits. (RS 833)

(Rolling Stone magazine)