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All you kids better learn yawl history first... In June of 1832, war broke out between Mexico and the Mexican State of Texas. Mexico's Constitution failed to define the state's rights, and tensions came to a head when Mexico prohibited Americans from emigrating into Texas. It was four war-torn years later when Texas was finally liberated from Mexico by Texans under Sam Houston, who defeated Santa Anna in the Battle of San Jacinto.

President James Polk annexed Texas, making it the 28th state -- and touching off the Mexican-American War. Soon thereafter, Texas seceded from the Union in another bid for states' rights, and the American Civil War was quick to follow. Peace would not come to Texas until May 1865, when the final battle of the Civil War was fought, more than a month after General Lee's surrender, at Palmito Hill in south Texas.

Vasbinders Dancing, a Texas-style dance hall. (JC)

It goes without saying that Texas is still a unique place -- home to heroes and outlaws, tall mountains and the plains of the frontier, desert rattlesnakes and longhorn steer, the meanest bowl of chili, the finest plate of Bar-B-Q, and of course, Texas blues.

This page will eventually become a narrative tour of Texas, brought to you by Texans Jim Criswell, Robert Flores, Tim Crain and David Gardner of the ZZ Top Mailing Lizzt. Your pictures of Texas can be featured too, just e-mail me at the address at the bottom of this page! Hopefully, we'll also be able to add some fun stuff like "How to Talk Like a Texan" and maybe how to cook the Reverend's favorite Texas chili.

While we are awaiting further contributions -- maybe including yours -- here are selected photographs contributed so far.

highway six sign spotted from afar.. el fuzzo... "We was out in the sticks down highway six..." (JC) (ed.SWB)

street scene from Calvert, TX, on Highway 6. can you see the horses and stagecoaches.... (JC)

another street scene (JC)

bridal shop.. check out the south of the border influence.. "Quinceanera" is the Mexican party celebrating a girl's 15th birthday. (JC)

"A damn good Mexican food restaurant here in Richmond"; sign reads "Tacos Enchiladas Fajitas" (JC) Note the high pickup truck factor.

peculiar skyline- office buildings, windmill, golden arches, and barbecue sign.. Goode Company BBQ on Kirby is the best BBQ in town.. (JC)

this is Texas... beer and a brahma bull head, mounted inside Goode Company BBQ (JC)

"I've dined at Spago and Eclipse and Whataburger too, I've had Mezcal with lotsa gals along Fifth Avenue.." (Richmond, TX) (JC)

House out in the country, check out Texas flag on front porch... (Richmond, TX) (JC)

Entrance to Frank Beard's mansion in Richmond (JC)

A view of Beard's barn from the street. The main house is bigger and behind the barn. (JC)

The Balinese Ballroom in Galveston, TX (JC) Here are articles regarding the history of the Ballroom and efforts to bring it back to life. Newly added thanks to E.D., a Texas Monthly article with a more colorful and narrative history of the ballroom.

Remains of the Balinese Ballroom This photo was taken by Prett Koshkin of the Houston Press after Hurricane Ike in 2008. Thanks to Pat Washburn.

Leo's, the Mexican restaurant featured on the cover of the Tres Hombres album (1/4) (JC) According to Jim, after the album was released, this restaurant was beseiged by fans, who stole anything from items hung on the wall, to salt and pepper shakers.

Leo's (2/4) (JC)

Leo's (3/4) (JC) Look closely, you can see plenty of ZZ memorabilia posted proudly on the walls...

Leo's (4/4) (JC)

And we wrap up the tour with a real Texas-looking place, the lonely "Rancho No Le Hace" in Rosharon, TX (JC)

Soon to come: The do-it-yourself Texas tour...
Simonton, Cinco, Brazos River (Chevrolet)
Highway 59 (Down Brownie)
La Grange (La Grange)
Balinese Ballroom (Balinese)
Acuna (Mexican Blackbird)
Pan Am Highway (Pan Am Highway Blues)
FM 92 (Avalon Hideaway)
San Antonio, Beaumont, El Paso (She's a Heartbreaker)
Island of Chandelier, Austin Street Houston (Heaven, Hell or Houston)
Memphis (My Head's in Mississippi)
Highway 61 (Antenna Head)
Magazine & Tchopitoulas New Orleans (Rhythmeen)
Baton Rouge (Alley Gator)
Did I miss one? Email me...

Thanks to Jim Criswell for sending in this list of the Twenty Simple Rules of Life in Texas.

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