RodeoHouston setlist & notes by Francene Price......

Tube Snake Boogie
I Thank You
Got Me Under Pressure
Waitin' For the Bus

Jesus Just Left Chicago (with Craneman saying in the
middle of the song "and then he came to Houston,
Texas" and one second later Billy says "and then he
came to Houston, Texas".)

I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
Bad and Nationwide intro:  Billy talks about the
pretty little girl backstage who comes up to him, taps
him repeatedly on the shoulder (which Billy shows by
tapping himself) saying "Excuse me, excuse me, (Billy
demonstrates in a high-pitched voice) are you one of
those guys in the band with those long beards?". 
Billy pauses, looks around the arena, and answers in a
low voice "yyeeessss".  Then she asks about Dusty
(Billy again in a high-pitched voice), "is he one of
those guys in the band with those long beards?"  Billy
answers in a low voice "yyeeessss".  She then says
"that man, he's a pretty man".  Billy then points to
Dusty and says "he's pretty", points to Frank and says
"he's bad", and then points to the audience and says
"you're nationwide".

Cheap Sunglasses (of course with the "reach into your
pocket or your purse . ." intro)

Just Got Paid (Craneman called this one too) with a
bit of improv(?) and the power trio (Dusty and Billy
playing facing each other right in front of Frank's

Blues Time w/ Blue Jean Blues (again Craneman called
this one)

Gimme All Your Lovin'

Sharp Dressed Man (with those famous dance moves)

Legs (complete with fuzzy guitars)

La Grange (stopped mid-song to stroke their beards and
get the crowd really worked up)


Folsom Prison Blues

Misc.:  ZZ started playing at 9:30 pm and had left the
arena by 10:40 pm.

Nobody knows for sure how ZZ got to the stage but the
three people who were really watching all think they
came out in the grey pick-up that parked along the
stage on the south side about 15 minutes before the
show started.  They definitely didn't walk to the
stage or come in on horseback.  

Attached to the guitar strap of the main guitar Billy
played (a beautiful one too) was a stuffed animal-type
thing in the shape of a Hulk-like man that was
positioned to look like it was climbing up the guitar

Stage set:  two purple cacti with two wire-mesh
tumbleweeds, amp cases were all purple, and there may
have been a purple cloth wrapped around where Frank's
drums sat.  

Frank gave his gum a serious working over during the
show.  Although not pertinent, it just was something
that really caught my eye.

It was definitely one of the most enjoyable evenings
I've ever had.  Saw a great show and met many very
wonderful people - thanks to all of you for