Mane, whatta show. I arrived w/a most excellent buzz a little after 9pm,
worried we we're running too late, sat down & the show started within 10
minutes. Perfect timing. Some random datapoints, FYI. (I hope I have most
of my facts straight, you know how the next morning can be):

- Started the set with Tube Snake Boogie, ended with a Johnny Cash song,
Folsom Prison Blues I think ("I hear that train a comin..."). Dusty
ended dead on like the Man In Black & it was way way cool.
- My seat were not great, pretty far up. But from where I was sitting, the
sound was absolutely GREAT. One of the best sound mixes I've heard at any
show anywhere. I really expected it to be terrible, being at the Dome &
all.  But naw, they done good.
- Billy played Les Pauls all nite, except for Legs where they played the
- No grand entrance into the dome. Lights go out, babe on stage lip-syncs to
that "It's a stunning & persuasive pleasure" intro from XXX, & the show kicks
off. Didn't even realize the boyz were already on stage or how they got
there. Remember it's a rotating stage in the middle of a football field w/no
spectator seating on the field, so it's not that easy to get to the stage
without being seen.
- They did exit via Eliminator. Someone drove it out the stage at the
end, band got in with Billy driving, made a loop or two on the way out &
split.  Lights up. No encore.
- Billy & Dusty were wearing black sequened jackets & cowboy hats. (But
Billy still had d'Afrique underneath!) That cool western look, like the
old days.
- They sounded very laid back; played many songs a bit slower than the
recordings. Volume was not super loud, very comfortable.
- The set focused on their mainstream hits: Bus, Jesus, La Grange, Pressure,
Legs, Sharp, Gimme, Tush, Nationwide, Paid (YES!), Sunglasses, Bluejean,
etc. Nothing from the last two CDs.
- Sorry folks, but I personally felt that Billy sounded a little rusty on
guitar. I'm a pretty serious picker myself, so I was spotting small stuff
that my buddies didn't even notice. But there were missed or incorrect notes
on about a dozen occasions. He would cover himself quickly of course, but
you can tell it you're watching & listening closely. In fact there was
one very major guitar F-up right in the middle of Legs & that one was real
obvious to everyone I think. But the other 99.99% of his playing was
totally awesome just as we'd expect.
- Billy's vocals were right on! He sounded much better than usual. Very
smooth, very soulful singing.
- I should mention that the big screen video display was very excellent.
We could see close ups & details even in the nosebleed section.
- I had intended to hook up with some of the travelers from this list,
but was unable to pull it off. Bummer. Next time.
- Entire set lasted about 1 hr & 40 mins. Then, just as Billy predicted,
we spent the next hour Waiting for the Bus to take us outta there.
If I think of any thing else, I'll fire it out there. Great show. Wish
you all could've been there.
Cheers, Mike k
Houston, Republic of Texas