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A compendium of pictures from the May, 2000 "Meet in Memphis":
Group photo outside the Rum Boogie Cafe, looking east on Beale. Left to right: Pete Z., the lovely Barb, Craneman, Kari Fountain, Michael and Sandy Rahlfs, Johnny Fountain, Rhonda and Bob, Dusty and Lynn Carden. What in heaven's name are we all pointing at?!
Rhonda and Bob
Pete vs. Rendezvous waiter Robert, round 2
Kari and Pete at the Blues City Cafe

Mike and Rhonda at the Rum Boogie
Mike says "Check out my Rico's of Reno hat -- fine pokechops"!

Kari with B.G. autographed acoustic guitar at the Rum Boogie Cafe.
Kari and Johnny Fountain outside the Rum Boogie Cafe
Barb, Pete Z and Don S at the Blues City Cafe showing off PZ's new Billy G clock from Don. Bowls on table, left to right: Chili, soul stew, chili.
Johnny and Kari, Barb, Pete and Paul Busby at the 'City.

Paul "Buzz" Busby and his wife Tammy, Kari and Lynn Carden

Ellis Darby, PZ, the lovely Barb and Rhonda at the Rendezvous, have mercy

phase 2 of pete pics coming at ya... South side of Beale, from L->R, Silky O'Sullivan's, Tater Red's, Black Diamond, Memphis Music, and B.B. King's Blues Club. I forget what's next to Memphis Music on either side, anyone remember?

Pics sent in and commented by Kari, have mercy-

Who are those trespassers hanging around on the front lawn of that private property?
> I knew it was a good idea to ring the doorbell!
Look! Look! See! See!
Standing in sacred territory!
Johnny runs into some friends and plays a few tunes with Bob Margolin at the Black Diamond. Small world..

Before the waiter incident
Happy toppers..
Chinese fire-drill, everyone switch places! 11 people, only 11 hands visible, now you know why so many people came so far, it's all a big game of grab-ass!

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