Dusty Hill, bassist, vocalist (Birthday: May 19, 1949) AKA: Groover Mctoober; The Dust

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Dusty gravitated to the bass while still in short pants and, inspired by Elvis Presley, learned to play a mean, deep lick. By the time "The Dust" is thirteen, he's playing in real clubs and sitting in on occasions with some pretty heavy players, like Freddie King.

In his late teens, Dusty and his brother Rocky Hill are in a band called the Warlocks and they cut a couple of singles and even sell a few dozen. Eventually the Warlocks acquire a new drummer, and a new name -- American Blues. But the gimmicky name just isn't enough and Rocky and Dusty and this new drummer bleach their hair about a zillion times so they can dye it bright blue. It wasn't much of a gimmick, but in those days a small gimmick had a lot of carry. Even so, the blue hair and its constant demands wore pretty thin and eventually the Warlocks broke up.

And about this time Billy is waiting in a room somewhere, waiting to happen across just the right musicians...

Some more personal information...
People who've sent me mail tell me that Dusty has a daughter, Charity, from a prior marriage. She was sighted at the November 22 2003 concert in Houston with a few friends. Supposedly looks just like Dusty. He sits courtside at Houston Rockets games, near the goal, wearing sunglasses. He's a night owl -- watches lots of late-night TV -- but, unlike Billy, keeps a low profile on the Houston night scene. He's certainly the most low-key of the group. He supposedly has a town house in Houston and an ocean-front bay house about 20 miles south of Houston. He's been seen driving a GMC Suburban, although he also has a '49 Chop-top Mercury which he may not drive in public.

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